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Tutorials - Hint cards

You will find below hint cards that will help you in learning and using WinOptics.

Network configuration

Install WinOptics in a network configuration and work simultaneously in an efficient and safe way.

Customizing and organizing your data

Discover the tricks that allow you to personalize the display of your data.

Using the prices catalog

Learn how to use the databases of lens prices and contact lens prices and gain operating efficiency.

Launching a mailing

All the mailing steps... from patients’ selection to printing your letters.

Adding a patient card and entering a sale

Learn how to add a new patient card in the database and how to input all the relevant data for a sale.

Stock management

The main steps for adding or creating new item to your stock.

Printing labels

How to adjust labels format for printing.

Performing an Inventory

How to perform and print an inventory.

Creating queries

Learn the basics of the database query system integrated to WinOptics and take full advantage of your data.

Importing / Exporting data

Exchange your data with other computer applications or recover data from your old software.




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