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Sending SMS (textual messages ) to mobile phones :


Required Equipement

Which netwok system operator does it run with?

Use within WinOptics

Prices and conditions


You wish to contact your patient to let him/her know that his/her frame is ready ? to inform him/her about the new special offers ? to make him remember the appointment for the replacement of his contact lenses ? we suggest you a solution that will make you save money and time !

Today the most of your patients use a mobile phone. You may send them an information via text messages (called SMS ) directly from the software WinOptics, since it is more effective cheaper and faster : you just need a simple click to do so!

Not only you don’t need to wait for the patient’s answer or to try several times to contact him/her but also your phone line will no longer be busy, so you will gain in effectiveness. 

Develop your marketing ! !

An other SMS use is possible, the marketing. We estimate that 90 % of people who receive a SMS on their mobile phone read it. Compared to the 2 to 4 % answers from mailing, so here is a solution more effective and particularly cheaper.

Performing a usual mailing (paper) requests lot of time and money (costs of franking, stamped envelopes, papers, ink, photocopies…), of course, you may do it via a specialized company, but it will cost you on average 2 euros per mailing, so 2000 euros if you send to 1000 patients.

With the SMS, you may contact these 1000 patients in less than one hour and without any manual working from you, so this will be be10 times cheaper !


Requested equipement

Nothing special is required, actually you just need an Internet connection.

The SMS service is fully integrated in WinOptics and immediadtly activated, you will need neither subscription nor installation costs. The purchasing of the WinOptics licence contains 20 free sms with enables you to test the system. Afterwards, you will just need to credit your SMS account according to your needs. (see the rates below).

Which netwok system operator does it run with?

You may send a message to almost all network system in the world. The system covers the most european and foreigner network in the world :


Bouygues Telecom, Orange, SFR, Infomobile, Nilcom Prosedie, Te.Sa.M


Proximus, Mobistar, BASE, Dolphin Telecom


Orange, Sunrise, Swisscom


The complete list of covered networks

The sending price per message is the same whatever the country .

Use within WinOptics

The SMS sending system runs with 6.6.2 WinOptics version or above. otherwise your version will need to be updated.

The simplest way to send an SMS to a patient is to click on the SMS button located to the right of the mobile telephone number on the patient's descriptive card.

Simply type your message or choose a pre-registered one from the list.

Once the message sent, it is saved in the History History of SMS .The message previously sent can then be displayed by double clicking on it (or by clicking the View the message button).


Prices and conditions

There is neither subscription nor activations charges, You will pay only the SMS you send, likewise, there is no time limit for the user of the SMS purchased.

You may purchase a package of SMS according the rates below :  

SMS packages costs HT
Package 300 SMS 54.00 €
Package 1250 SMS 200.00 €
Package 7000 SMS 980.00 €

SMS credits are valid for a single WinOptics licence.

For any information :

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